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The Campaign For FDU Students
Students First

The Campaign For FDU Students
Students First

Northpointe Residence Hall path with students walking on the Metropolitan Campus.

The Campaign For FDU Students
Students First

The Campaign for FDU Students
About Students First

Students First boldly seeks to engage thousands of individuals to transform the lives of students. Personalized educational experiences that unlock each student's potential provide students the opportunity to see and experience a world beyond their own, opening doors to opportunities for upward social mobility that they would never have achieved, but for their experiences at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

For many students, the greatest obstacle to fulfilling this dream is affordability. For others, the burdens of navigating college (including social, emotional and mental health challenges) create barriers to staying enrolled and persisting toward the completion of a degree. As a result, far too many students are losing the opportunity to take advantage of what a college degree can provide for their future.

Give Today
Seize the Moment

Students First will provide access and opportunity for students to become leaders and changemakers in arts, business, engineering, education, government, healthcare, science and technology, to name a few. Your investment in Students First provides critical support for student scholarships and fellowships to ensure all FDU students have the financial means to pursue their education. Your generosity helps to shape a holistic approach to education - an educational journey that focuses on overall student emotional and mental health, combined with curricular and experiential experiences that will shape and prepare our future leaders.

Students First is about our future beyond the four campuses of FDU. It is about preparing our students to seize the moment to transform their lives, as they transform themselves and others, to strengthen and make a difference in our world.

FDU continues to be a transformational place for our students because of our supportive community of individuals who are committed to seeing students succeed.
Michael J. Avaltroni, Ph.D.
FDU President


Students First
Key Campaign Priorities


Priority One
Make an FDU degree more affordable and attainable by:

  • Increasing the number of available student scholarships.
  • Meeting students where they are to support a diverse population of learners.
  • Supporting our students who participate in intercollegiate athletics as the gateway into college and a career beyond.

Priority Two
Provide holistic student support to ensure student success by:

  • Establishing a hardship fund for students.
  • Investing in partnerships and services to address student emotional and mental health.
  • Closing access and equity gaps in higher education by 2030.

Priority Three
Create pathways for students to the future and for advanced opportunities by:

  • Establishing scholarships for students in accelerated graduate programs and for transfer students.

Priority Four
Develop mutually beneficial partnerships to support new student-centered initiatives by:

  • Building interprofessional programming to create a new generation of healthcare workforce.
  • Establishing a comprehensive workforce curriculum to focus on New Jersey’s underserved populations and veterans.

The Future Is Calling…

Make a gift today to support your favorite part of the University. Provide access to a college education to help students achieve their dream. Transform a student's life so they can make a positive impact in our communities.