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The PINNACLE Society

The PINNACLE Society was formed in 1989 to recognize the University’s most distinguished and accomplished alumni. Each year, a committee of PINNACLE members select a group of alumni for their distinction in their chosen career field, contributions to society and humanity through public or humanitarian service, and/or outstanding service to the University. Traditionally, honorees are inducted into The PINNACLE Society during a ceremony that is held prior to the University's Charter Day event.

PINNACLE Awards The PINNACLE Society 2023 Honorees

Congratulations to the following alumni for their achievements and well-deserved recognition by the FDU community.

Past Pinnacle Recipients


  • Elizabeth Catrini, BS’85, MBA’89
    Assistant Vice President, Global Customer Service CFO, AT&T (retired) Assistant Professor of Accounting and Business, Centenary University
  • Bonnie Krentzman, BA'73
  • Frank Santoloci, BS’61, MBA’65
    Production Director, The New York Times (retired)
  • Thomas Timko, BS’91
    Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer and Controller, GE


  • Richard M. Brenner, BS’73
    Chief Executive Officer (Retired)
    The Brenner Group, Inc.
  • Eric Kaplan, DC, FIAMA, BS’74
    Chief Executive Officer
    Disc Centers of America
    Concierge Coaches
  • Deanna Gray-Miceli, PhD, GNP, FAAN, BSN’82
    Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
  • Ronald G. Pantello, MBA’77
    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer (Retired)
    Havas Health


  • Christine M. Candio, RN, FACHE, MPA'96
    President and Chief Executive Officer, St. Luke’s Hospital
  • John P. Crawford,
    MBA'88, MA'01
    Management Consultant Communications, Change & Team
  • Michael Moss, BS'75
    Chairman, Intercontinental Development
  • Robert J. Zatta, MBA'77
    Independent Director; Former Chief Financial Officer, Rockwood Holdings, Inc.


  • Patrick A. Cozza, MBA'82
    CEO, North America Insurance and SEVP Retail Banking and Wealth Management (Retired), HSBC
  • Thomas Dinsmore, MA'80
    Portfolio Manager, Gabelli Funds LLC
  • Thanu Kulachol, MBA'72
    President Emeritus, Bangkok University
  • Arthur Sukel, MBA'67
    Senior Vice President, Finance and CFO (Retired),
    Diamandis Communications, Inc.


  • Marko Costanzo, BS'81
    Foley Artist
  • Howard Cowan, BS'66
    Founder and President, Cowan Financial Group
  • Frances Gormley, BA'78
    Founder and Managing Partner, Greenwich Marketing Group
  • Vito Luppino, BS'59
    President, V.A.L. Floors
  • Lester Owens, MBA'91
    Managing Director, J.P. Morgan


  • Timothy P. Lavin, BS’69
    Manager of Operations (Retired), Shell Oil Company
  • William A. Lockwood, Jr., BS’62
    Founder and President, ComputerTalk Associates, Inc.
  • Michele D. Logan, MBA’96
    Chief Executive Officer, CompoSecure, LLC
  • Carolyn Oakley Lowe, BA’72
    Administrative Partner, Lowe & Associates
  • Howard W. Robin, BS'74
    President and CEO, Nektar Therapeutics
  • Nancy Barr Weinstein, AA’61
    Registered Nurse


  • Dely Po Go, MSN'09, DNP'12
    Founder and President, Nursing Network, LLC
  • Howard Gogel, BS'79
    President and Chief Executive Officer, Gogel Enterprises
  • Adele Gulfo, MBA'93
    Executive Vice President of Global Collaboration and Strategic Operations, Mylan Inc.
  • Armen Khachaturian, BSEE'69, MBA'80
    President, KEA Engineers
  • Marta L. Tellado, BA'81
    President and Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Reports
  • Gene C. Waddy, BS'92
    Chief Executive Officer and Owner, DIVERSANT, LLC


  • Sung-Mo "Steve" Kang, BSEE'70
    President, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
  • Neil Koenig, BS'72
    Co-founder and Managing Partner, Imowitz Koenig & Company
  • Robert Silbering, BA'69
    Special Adviser to the CEO, T&M Protection Resources


  • Yousif R. Al-Khater, BS’89
    Economic Advisor to the Premier Minister of Qatar and Member of the State of Qatar Advisory Counsel
  • Joseph M. Healy, BS’72
    Chairman of the Board, Kolmar Labs Group
  • Jay Jorgensen, BA’78
    Civil War Historian, Author
  • Sun Hyang Kim, MA’68
    Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, University of North Korean Studies (Seoul, Korea)


  • Linda M. Bowden, MBA’83
    Regional President, PNC Bank, Northern New Jersey
  • Michael J. Clarke, BS’81
    Partner and Co-founder, Buchanan Clarke Schlader LLP
    Trustee, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Richard J. Codey, BA’81
    State Senator and former Governor, New Jersey
  • Seth V. Greenberg, BA’78
    Head Basketball Coach, Virginia Tech.


  • Brenda Blackmon, BA’01
    Co-anchor, My9, WWOR-TV
  • Rosemary Español, BA’70
    President and Founder, IEI Group
  • David Knee, BA’88
    Managing Director, Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc.
  • Myles Malman, Esq., BA’67
    Managing Director, Malman, Malman & Rosenthal
  • Zygmunt “Zygi” Wilf, BA’71
    Chairman, Minnesota Vikings


  • Wayne B. Hallard, BS'80, MBA'84
    Manager (Retired), Verizon
  • Christopher A. Johnson, BS'93
    Managing Partner and CEO, Hollister Construction Services
  • Daniel C. Lewis, MBA'76
    Senior Partner, Booz and Company
  • A. Lynn Moran, MBA'96
    CEO, Sonoran Life Transition and Performance Coaching


  • George W. Blank, BS'73, MBA'82
    Executive Vice President and CFO (Retired), Univision Communications Inc.
  • Nicholas S. Cyprus, BS'77
    Controller and Chief Accounting Officer, General Motors Corporation
  • Shirley T. Hailstock, MBA'92
    Award-winning novelist
  • Anthony L. Marano, MBA'78
    President and CEO, Encelium Technologies
    Trustee, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Robert J. Pures, BS'67
    Senior Vice President, Administration, CFO and Treasurer,
    Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey;
    Trustee, Fairleigh Dickinson University


  • Cheryl K. Beebe, MBA’88
    Vice President and CFO, Corn Products International;
    Trustee, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Stewart Krentzman, BA'73
    President and CEO, Oki Data Americas, Inc.;
    Trustee, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • John M. Muscarelle, AA’87, BS’89
    President, Jos. L. Muscarelle, Inc.
  • Carl Viola, MPA’79
    Executive Vice President (Retired), Fairleigh Dickinson University


  • Jeong-Eun Hyun, MA’83
    Chairwoman, Hyundai Group
  • William D. McGarry, BS’69, MBA’77
    President, Anna Maria College
  • Joseph J. Murphy, Jr., BS’64
    Semi-Retired Real Estate Executive
  • Gregory H. Olsen, BS'66, BSEE'68, MS'68
    President, GHO Ventures
    Trustee, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Emil W. Solimine, BS’75
    Founder and Former President, EMAR Group


  • John R. Monninger, BA'65
    Founder, Bergen County Dodge and Manhattan Jeep Eagle Chrysler Plymouth
  • Anthony J. Petrocelli, BS'69*
  • Vincent Rienzi, BS'78
    President, Rienzi & Rienzi Communications
    Founder, Banyan School
  • Donna Rienzi, AA’79
    Founder, Banyan School
  • Steven A. Rudnitsky, MBA'85
    President and CEO, Dolce Hotels and Resorts
  • Joseph R. Tort, BS’80
    Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers


  • Anthony P. Ambrosio, Esq., BS'63
    Trustee, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Jeffrey J. Carfora, BS’80, MBA’88
    Executive Vice President and CEO, Penn Federal Savings Bank
  • Thomas J. Colligan, BS’69
    Retired Vice Chairman (Retired), PricewaterhouseCoopers
    Vice Dean of Executive Education, Aresty Institute of Executive Education, Wharton
  • Mark A. Meyer, Esq., BA'68
    Attorney, Herzfeld & Rubin
    Chair, Eastern European Practice Group
  • Salvatore B. Valente, BS'67, MBA'71
    CEO, Bildisco Manufacturing, Inc.


  • Anthony J. Cuti, MBA'71
    Former Chairman, President and CEO, Duane Reade, Inc.
  • Charles M. Dombeck, MA’73
    Organizational Consultant
    Vice President of Corporate Human Resources (Retired), Pfizer.
  • Robert D. Ferris, BS'64
    Executive Managing Director, RF Binder Partners, Inc.
  • Robert F. Foley, MBA’72
    Lt. General, US Army (Retired)
    Former President, Marion Military Institute.
  • Carol C. Knauff, MBA'78
    Vice President of Global Markets, AT&T
    Trustee, Faileigh Dickinson University
    Past-President, Alumni Association Board of Governors
  • Jill O’Donnell-Tormey, BS’77
    Executive Director, Cancer Research Institute


  • Ronald E. Calissi, BA’70, MBA’89
    Executive Associate Dean for Off-Campus Credit Programs,
    Petrocelli College, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Robert P. Evans, BS'71
    Partner, KPMG LLP
  • Winston I. Lowe, Esq., BA’71
    Attorney, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC;
    Trustee, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Thomas P. Mac Mahon, MBA'73
    Former Chairman, President and CEO, LabCorp
  • Christine L. Miniman, BA’75
    Judge, Appellate Division, Superior Courty, State of New Jersey
  • Dennis J. O’Brien, BS’65
    Vice President (Retired) of Finance, Consumer HealthCare Group,
    Warner-Lambert Company (now Pfizer)


  • Gil Bashe, BA’76
    Executive Vice President, Health Practice, Makovsky & Company
  • Michel F. Baumeister, Esq., BA'66
    Partner, Baumeister & Samuels, P.C.,
  • Joseph M. Pizza, BA'73, MBA'78
    CEO, Interchem Corporation
  • Mary Ann Walk, MBA’87
    Vice President (Retired), Human Resources, AT&T
  • Stephen "Skippy" Weinstein, Esq., BS’62
    Attorney; Trustee, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Richard D. Wellbrock, BA’60, MBA’64
    Chairman, HillTop Community Bank; President, Wellbrock Inc.


  • Reed Brody, BA’74
    Human rights activist; European Press Director and Special Counsel, Human Rights Watch
  • Guy F. Budinscak, BS'74
    Vice Chairman and Senior Advisory Partner, Deloitte & Touche;
    Trustee, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Donna DelPrete Marki, Esq., BS’82
    Attorney; President and Owner, Say It With Flowers;
    Trustee, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Paul B. Schmidt, Sr., BS'59
    Real Estate Developer and Partner, Clinton Realty
  • Martin F. Stadler, MBA’74
    Senior Vice President (Retired), Finance and Information Technology, Hoffmann-La Roche
  • Mary Kay Mastronardy Stratis, BA’69, MAT’71
    Trustee, Fairleigh Dickinson University


  • Michael R. Dressler, BA’76
    Bergen County Surrogate
  • Angela Gittens, BA’67
    Vice President of Airport Business Services, HNTB Corporation
  • Alice U. Hahn, BS’69
    Co-founder, Advanced Mobile Solutions
  • Kuslima Shogen, BS'74, MS'76
    Founder and CEO, Alfacell Corporation


  • Roberta C. Ferguson, AA'64*
    Vice President and Trustee, Ferguson Family Foundation, Inc.
  • Paul G. Lewis, BS’90
  • Jack S. Singleton, BS’64
    Chairman and CEO (Retired), Technetics Corporation
  • James L. Sonageri, BS’77
    Managing Partner, Sonageri & Fallon
  • Dennis F. Strigl, MBA’79
    President and COO, Verizon Communications
  • Anthony J. Vespa, BS’70, MBA’74
    Trustee, Fairleigh Dickinson University


  • Lee N. Eagles, BS’71
    Senior Vice President, James E. Hanson Inc.
  • Stephen A. Karnas, BS’71
    Partner (Retired), PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Vincent J. Naimoli, MBA’64
    Chairman, Tampa Bay Rays;
    Trustee, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Pamela A. Rossetti, MA’78, MBA’83
    Former Executive Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer,
    Ferguson Communications Group
  • Richard J. Swift, MBA’75
    Chairman, President and CEO (Retired), Foster Wheeler Corporation


  • Ronald Cannella, MBA’65, MA’67
    Clinical Psychologist
  • Mong Hun Chung, MBA'83*
    Chair, Hyundia Electronics Industries Co., Ltd.; Vice Chair, Hyundai Group
  • John J. Fahy, Esq., BS'76, MBA'78
    Attorney, Fahy Choi
  • June Schlueter, BA’70
    Provost (Retired) and Charles A. Dana Professor of English, Lafayette College
  • Paul G. Stern, BS’61
    Co-founder, Arlington Capital Partners; Chairman, Claris Capital


  • Bernard E. Brooks, BS'73*
    President, Bernard E. Brooks and Associates
  • Helen M. Kennedy, BSN’71, MBA’87
    Healthcare Consultant; Former President and CEO of Meadowlands Hospital Center
  • Sabry J. Mackoul, BA’63, MBA’75
    Senior Executive Vice President (Retired), Summit Bank and Summit Bancorp
  • James Peters, MBA’82
    Chairman Emeritus, Bank of New York, National Community Division


  • Richard G. Horvath, BS'55*
    Senior Vice President, The Prudential Asset Management and Co.
  • Peter Onorati, MBA’80
    Screen Actor
  • Patrick J. Zenner, MBA’75
    President and CEO (Retired), Hoffmann-La Roche;
    Chairman, Board of Trustees, Fairleigh Dickinson University


  • Ronald M. Brill, BS’66
    Executive Vice President and CFO, The Home Depot Inc.
  • Craig P. Heard, BS’72, MBA’74
    President and CEO, Gateway Outdoor Advertising
  • Robert D. Huth, BS’71
    President and CEO, David’s Bridal Inc.
  • Thomas M. Kirwan, MBA'69*
    Executive Vice President and CFO, Equitable Life Assurance Society of the U.S.
  • William J. Lovejoy, MBA’81
    Former Vice President, Vehicle Sales, Service, and Marketing, General Motors
  • George A. McKeon, BA'59*
    General Counsel, The Travelers Corporation
  • James M. McNamee, MBA’73
    Former Chairman, President and CEO, Hooper Holmes Inc.
  • Warren T. Oates, Jr., BS’72, MBA’76
    Director (Retired) of Legal Administration and Assistant Secretary, Philips Electronic North America
  • Helen L. Warren, AA’52, BS’54*
    Professor Emerita of Statistics, Fairleigh Dickinson University


  • Jack M. Berdy, BS’88
    CEO of VIP Medicine, LLC
  • Ronald J. Doerfler, BS’65, MBA’72
    Senior Vice President and CFO, The Hearst Corporation;
    Trustee, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Richard A. Guarino, BS’57
    President, Oxford Pharmaceutical Services
  • John J. O’Gorman, MBA’81
    Executive Vice President and Regional President, United Jersey Bank
  • Fred B. Roedel, BS’54
    Founder, Chalet Susse International
  • William Simon, BS’62
    National Managing Partner (Retired), KPMG
  • Kathryn M. Sullivan, MBA’81
  • Kenneth T. Vehrkens, BA’69, MAT'70, MA'74
    Dean, Petrocelli College, Fairleigh Dickinson University


  • Donald P. Hetchka, BS’55
    President and Partner (Retired), Hetchka & Bachmann
  • Clark H. Johnson, MBA'73*
    Vice President, Finance, CFO, Johnson & Johnson
  • Peter C. Kells, BS’62
    President, Kells Associates
  • Michael S. Lesser, BS’64
  • James R. Leva, BS'60*
    Chair and CEO, GPU Inc.
  • William L. O’Neill, BS’67, DDS’70
    Dentist; Trustee, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Eugene V. Petrik, BS'55*
    President, Bellarmine College
  • James J. Sciubba, BS’64, DMD’67
    Professor, Otolaryngology, The Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Deborah A. Simmons, BS’71
  • Grace Stanton, BA’73
    Executive Director, Brand Marketing & Creative, University of Denver
  • Stephen C. Tumminello, BS’58
    President and CEO (Retired), Philips Electronics North America Corp.


  • Robert B. Budelman, Jr., BA’59
    Of Counsel, Sedgwick, Detert, Moran & Arnold
  • Samuel M. Convissor, BA’53
    Vice President (Retired), Government Affairs, Mutual Benefit Life
  • Thomas G. Ferguson, BS’65
    Founder and Chairman Emeritus, CommonHealth
  • Charles A. Gargano, BS’76, MBA’77
    Former Chairman and Commissioner, Empire State Development
    and Vice Chairman, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
  • Kathleen C. Gogick, BS’67
    Publisher and editor, Cosmopolitan and Town and Country
    magazines, and Scholastic Inc.
  • Edward L. Hennessy, Jr., BS’55
    Chairman and CEO (Retired) AlliedSignal Inc.;
    Trustee Emeritus, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Virginia Ann Hodgkinson, BA’63, MA’64
    Research Professor of Public Policy, Georgetown
    Public Policy Institute, Georgetown University
  • Harold “Cap” Hollenbeck, BA’61
    Judge (Retired), Superior Court of New Jersey
  • Michael G. King, BS’71
    Former Vice Chairman and CEO, King World Productions
  • George D. Martin, BA’87
    Vice President of AXA Sports Financial Services;
    former lineman with the New York Giants
  • George L. Miles, Jr., MBA’70
    President and CEO, WQED Multimedia
  • Peggy Noonan, BA’74
    Author and former speechwriter for Presidents Reagan and Bush
  • Darlene Orlov, BA’71, MA’82
    President, Orlov Resources for Business Inc.
  • Louis Padulo, BS’59
    President Emeritus, University City Science Center
  • Jae Kyu Park, BA’67
    President, Kyungnam University, Korea
  • Elia G. Stratis, BS'67, MBA'76*
    Partner, Campos and Stratis
  • Herman H. Suenholz, BS’59
    Vice Chairman (Retired), National Westminster Bank
  • Hugh “Denny” Wisely, '61
    Former Commanding Officer, USS John F. Kennedy

* In Memoriam