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Fairleigh Dickinson University laid the foundation for his future in medicine. Today, he is literally a brain surgeon.

As the first in his family to attend college, Dr. Azam Basheer felt completely lost in the college search and application process. While his parents were quite supportive, they lacked the necessary knowledge and resources. Dr. Basheer recalled how he navigated the process. “I called the FDU admissions and financial-aid offices several times a week asking questions and seeking advice. Everyone I met or spoke to was supportive and helpful. They are my unsung heroes. Those offices quietly work behind the scenes and don’t expect anything in return, yet they impact the lives of so many young eager adults.” The advice and guidance he received from the counselors and tutors in the Educational Opportunity Fund were also invaluable.

“FDU was my bridge to greatness,” noted Dr. Basheer. “Getting into college and getting a degree is, by far, my most important accomplishment. It was the best personal, professional and financial investment I’ve ever made. I discovered my passion for medicine during undergrad.”

After graduating Summa Cum Laude with a degree in biology from the Florham Campus, Dr. Basheer would go on to attend medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He would complete a seven-year neurosurgery residency at the Henry Ford Health System in Michigan.

Seeing a child regain their liveliness after you cure their brain tumor or realign their spine is what Dr. Basheer finds most fulfilling about being a doctor. Medicine has taught him that caring for people is as much about lifting their spirits as it is about making physical improvements.