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FDU Alumni Association
Board of Governors

Attend the final Board of Governors Meeting of year

You're invited to attend:

Thursday, May 16 • 6-7 pm

Zoom Meeting: https://fdu.zoom.us/j/97822738519

Meeting ID: 978 2273 8519

The Board of Governors is the governing body of the Fairleigh Dickinson University Alumni Association

The Board of Governors is the governing body of the FDU Alumni Association as outlined in the Board bylaws. The Board functions as a liaison between the university and the only permanent constituency that the University has – its more than 130,000 alumni.

The President of the Board of Governors is an ex-officio member of the University's Board of Trustees. All members of the Board of Governors participate annually in the Fund for FDU. The term of each Board member is three years, with new members nominated each May. The Board is governed by bylaws, which can be found here. Appendices can be found here.

The Board's network of standing and ad hoc committees is active in many areas of alumni programming, is aligned with the Office if Alumni Relations, and works closely with the Development Office.
Board members volunteer for many University-wide events and programs, such as panel discussions, scholarship interviews, career networking events and admissions open houses. The Board members are available for mentoring and guest lectures, or whenever there is a need to provide a positive role model for today’s FDU students and their parents.

Among its members are alumni from a wide array of undergraduate and graduate programs of both New Jersey campuses, as well as the former campus in Rutherford. In addition to its alumni members, each year the Board of Governors welcomes two student representatives, one from each campus, to attend its meetings and participate in the work of the alumni committees.


  • Rosemary Trinkle Baran, BS'83
  • Wendy Ballesteros, MS'05, MBA'14
    Executive Vice President
  • Lorren Cargill, BA'06
    Vice President
  • Michael Ramos, BA’00
    Vice President


  • Jigar Amin, PharmD'18, MHS'18
  • Steven Carroll, MBA'19
  • Rosemary Condon Kells, BA’94
  • Joseph Cozza, BS'74
  • Eleanor Davidson, BA'17
  • Fina Espinal-Flores, BA’08, MAT’08, MA’18
  • Hope Field, BA'04, MA'07
  • Cynthia Flanagan, BA'00
  • James Goodman, MS'05
  • Sandra Graham-Mason, MPA'02
  • Janelle Hall, MPA'13
  • Debra Jones, MS'95,
  • Sameer Khan, BA'06
  • Peter Knowles, BA'07
  • Sherice Koonce, BS'93
  • Daniel Long, BS'16
  • Paul Manz, MPA'94, (Immediate Past President)
  • Nycol Morrisey, BA'95, CP'98, MS'21
  • Sean Stein Smith, BS'10, MS'11, MBA'13
  • Robert Stock, BS'83
  • Veronica Young, BS'86, MBA'96
  • John Zisa, MSA'12

Emeritus Members

  • Nick Agostino, BS'78, MS'97
  • Stephen F. Bozer, MBA'06
  • John Carscadden, BS'94, MBA'03
  • Elizabeth A. Catrini, BS'85, MBA'89
  • Lori Lee Dickson, Esq., BA'82
  • Steven B. Grumbach, BS'77
  • Wayne B. Hallard, BS'80, MBA'84
  • Jennifer H. Hanson, BA'94, MA'97, MBA'97
  • Allan B. Igo, Jr., BS'74
  • Carol C. Knauff, MBA'78
  • Bonnie Krentzman, BA'73
  • Patrick J. Maguire, BA'81
  • Edward M. Puzio, BS'82
  • Barbara J. Stewart, BS'72, AA'17

Student Representatives

  • Pichsophaneat Dy (Class of 2024)
    Vancouver Campus
  • Suleima Mestanza (Class of 2024)
    Metropolitan Campus
  • Michele Schultheis (Class of 2024)
    Florham Campus
  • Aldo Texcucano (Class of 2024) Metropolitan Campus