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Suhaib Jawad

From introvert to advocate: A journey to public service

Small droplets make an ocean

Sophomore Suhaib Jawad's burning desire for public service led him to pursue a degree in government and politics at FDU. As an American-Pakistani coming from a lower-middle-class family, his goal is to work in government, public policy or even Congress to help pass bills and legislation to support underserved communities.

The scholarships Suhaib receives from FDU make it possible for him to pursue his college degree. "Getting the scholarships to go to FDU was so freeing - it freed up my responsibilities and helped me be able to put more time and energy towards my actual studies, which is the reason why us students come to college," noted Suhaib.

Motivated by advice he received at orientation, "college is what you make of it," Suhaib is turning the tables, going from an introvert to putting himself out there to get involved with student clubs and organizations, such as the Student Government Association. Suhaib credits that advice from orientation to helping shape who he is today.

When he thinks about his scholarship support, he remembers what his grandmother said, "small droplets make an ocean." That is, no matter the amount of donations for scholarships, those small amounts add up, and it's that much less money out-of-pocket for your college education. For Suhaib, it has been such a relief to receive extra financial support from donors.



Seize the Moment. Give Today.

Students First will provide access and opportunity for students to become leaders and changemakers in arts, business, engineering, education, government, healthcare, science and technology, to name a few. Your investment in Students First provides critical support for student scholarships and fellowships to ensure all FDU students have the financial means to pursue their education. Your generosity helps to shape a holistic approach to education - an educational journey that focuses on overall student emotional and mental health, combined with curricular and experiential experiences that will shape and prepare our future leaders.

Students First is about our future beyond the four campuses of FDU. It is about preparing our students to seize the moment to transform their lives, as they transform themselves and others, to strengthen and make a difference in our world.