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Andrea & Anthony Melchiorre

A gift to support student and mental health

We are confident that this innovative program will provide FDU students with unparalleled support in mental health and well-being...

A transformational gift from Andrea and Anthony Melchiorre, FDU parents, will focus on student mental health and well-being. The Melchiorre gift establishes the "Transforming College Campuses" initiative, which provides fellowship opportunities to FDU graduate and undergraduate students. "We are proud to partner with FDU on this transformational project. We are confident that this innovative program will provide FDU students with unparalleled support in mental health and well-being as well as the guidance to develop the personal skills for young adults to successfully navigate college life and beyond," noted Andrea Melchiorre.

The Transforming College Campus initiative will support the mental health needs of FDU undergraduate students, and fosters a pipeline for students to pursue professions key to student well-being and success (e.g., clinicians and student affairs professionals). The project embeds graduate students in a required course for first-year students, "Transition to University Life." The graduate student will remain paired with the students in the course for their first two years at FDU. The goal of this initiative will be to provide an environment of caring, support and ongoing mentorship during the critical years of a college education.


Seize the Moment. Give Today.

Students First will provide access and opportunity for students to become leaders and changemakers in arts, business, engineering, education, government, healthcare, science and technology, to name a few. Your investment in Students First provides critical support for student scholarships and fellowships to ensure all FDU students have the financial means to pursue their education. Your generosity helps to shape a holistic approach to education - an educational journey that focuses on overall student emotional and mental health, combined with curricular and experiential experiences that will shape and prepare our future leaders.

Students First is about our future beyond the four campuses of FDU. It is about preparing our students to seize the moment to transform their lives, as they transform themselves and others, to strengthen and make a difference in our world.