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Thanks Aunt Marye

Her generosity is about opening doors

One of the best things about this award is accessibility. This grant is open to all students regardless of year, major, financial-aid status or citizenship.
Donna Robertson, University Director
FDU Career Development Center

Known to family and friends lovingly as Aunt Marye, Marye (Trinkle) Ruzila, who graduated from FDU's Rutherford Campus in 1958, generously gifted $1.1 million to FDU. Her gift was endowed to the Career Development Center and the Silberman College of Business.

The gift to the Career Development Center provides grants to cover part of the the costs of transportation, wardrobe and lost wages for students completing unpaid internships. In honor of her generosity, the Career Development Center on the Florham Campus was named the John Robert Ruzila and Marye Trinkle Ruzila Career Development Center. John Robert Ruzila, an alumnus himself, graduated from FDU's Rutherford Campus in 1956.

Aunt Marye's experience as one of the first few women to receive a B.S. in business management inspired her to establish the John Robert and Marye Trinkle Ruzila Endowed Scholarship in the Silberman College of Business. Rosemary Trinkle Baran, BS'83, also a graduate of FDU's Rutherford Campus, noted, "Though Aunt Marye and Uncle John didn't live to see the full impact of their gift, their spirit of altruism lives on in many FDU students."


Seize the Moment. Give Today.

Students First will provide access and opportunity for students to become leaders and changemakers in arts, business, engineering, education, government, healthcare, science and technology, to name a few. Your investment in Students First provides critical support for student scholarships and fellowships to ensure all FDU students have the financial means to pursue their education. Your generosity helps to shape a holistic approach to education - an educational journey that focuses on overall student emotional and mental health, combined with curricular and experiential experiences that will shape and prepare our future leaders.

Students First is about our future beyond the four campuses of FDU. It is about preparing our students to seize the moment to transform their lives, as they transform themselves and others, to strengthen and make a difference in our world.