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Meet FDU Student Student Spotlight on Sarah Hartwig

Student Q&A Series

Sarah Hartwig will earn her Nursing degree next month, completing her FDU undergraduate journey which would not have been possible without the scholarship support she received from Becton-Dickinson (BD).

Said Sarah, “being awarded the BD scholarship has enabled the understanding that I am not solely looked at as a letter grade, rather as a person too.”

The person she’s become is a highly engaged, passionate and professional-in-waiting who is looking forward to a career in the health field because of the highly impactful nature of the job so she can continue to give back to her community as much as FDU has done for her.

Here’s more about Sarah and her FDU journey:

Name: Sarah Hartwig

Hometown: Bergenfield, NJ

Campus: Metro

Degrees: BS, Nursing (expected May ’24)

              AS, Chemistry, Bergen Community College, ‘20

Activities you’ve been involved: Liaison between diverse community-like organizations and the FDU student body; Event Coordinator for the Student Nurses Association; Metropolitan Undergraduate Representative on the School of Nursing and Allied Health Advisory Council (SONAH)

Why did you choose your major? The altruistic nature of this profession is what interests me the most and how versatile nursing can be.

What is your dream job or goal after you graduate? Pursue a doctorate degree in either education or public health; to create a program revolved around educating individuals in underprivileged communities on either first aid or the difference between emergency vs. non-emergent illnesses to decrease the influx of patients in emergency rooms.

What are your other interests: Music is an interest of mine as I played flute for over 10 years and conducted in a marching band. Also, art such as painting.

How has receiving your scholarship impacted you? Receiving this scholarship has helped decrease the burden on my family and myself financially to meet my tuition and other prior financial responsibilities of the other members in my family.

How have the donors of this scholarship helped you in your academic journey? Initially I had to work as a pharmacy technician in difficult hours to be able to financially meet the expectations warranted by this institution all while being in school; now, because of this scholarship, I was able to engage in public health-like activities, become the liaison between these community-like organizations and even create my very first “Community Health and Resource Fair”. I have always worked or volunteered at a young age so that I may appreciate what I earn and who I can help. With this scholarship I was able to do what I love to do without the financial burden.

If you could say something to the donors of your scholarship what would it be? Thank you for recognizing my hard work and dedication into my profession as well as who I am as a person. A lot of scholarships solely focus on the educational aspect or grades of the individual, but not who they are. Therefore, I appreciate the donors of my scholarship for acknowledging who I am as a person and not as a mere grade.

What does FDU mean to you? Fairleigh Dickinson University, to me, is the epitome of the term “opportunities”. I was able to pursue and engage in activities that will further enhance the patient care I promote and to make myself a better individual. FDU has enabled a trait in which I was able to set precedent to many of my fellow peers.