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Meet FDU Student Student Spotlight on Richa Patel

Student Q&A Series

Richa Patel will be receiving her Doctorate of Pharmacy in May and has been omnipresent in all facets of the Florham Campus within her major.

Richa has received scholarship support from Becton Dickinson (BD) in her academic pursuits and has taken full advantage of every opportunity offered, including an internship with BD last summer.

Not only will she receive her PharmD in May but Richa will also earn a Master’s in regulatory science and has served in a number of leadership positions on campus.

Here’s more about Richa and her FDU journey:

Name: Richa Patel

Hometown: South Brunswick, NJ

Campus: Florham

Degrees: Doctorate of Pharmacy (expected May ’24)

              Masters in Regulatory Science (expected May ’24)

              BS in Cell Biology and Neuroscience and Psychology (Rutgers New Brunswick)

Activities you’ve been involved: IPhO – Director of Professional Affairs & Director of National Engagement, Student Pharmacist Association Vice President; FDU Co-curricular Committee Delegate; FDU Student Pharmacists Association student mentor.

Why did you choose your major? The versatility of a doctorate of pharmacy degree alongside the ability to dispense and educate the population on their medications.

What is your dream job? Director of Regulatory Affairs

What are your other interests: Baking

How has receiving your scholarship impacted you? This scholarship has enabled me to concentrate on both my studies and extracurricular pursuits. As a result, I have been able to achieve outstanding academic performance, culminating in the prestigious accomplishment of securing a 2- year Fellowship in Regulatory Affairs at Sanofi following my graduation.

How have the donors of this scholarship helped you in your academic journey? They have provided great financial support.

If you could say something to the donors of your scholarship what would it be?
I extend my gratitude for the support throughout this journey, and I aspire to pay it forward for upcoming Pharmacy graduates.

What does FDU mean to you? A four-year journey that led me to my life goal while forging lifelong relations with friends and mentors.