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Alumni Spotlight Rosemary Trinkle Baran BS'83

Alumni Q&A Series

Rosemary Trinkle Baran’s roots run deep at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Hers is a legacy family with few peers— her father, aunt, uncle and all of her sisters attended FDU. In fact, her family’s generosity led to establishing the John Robert and Marye Trinkle Ruzila Career Development Center. Rosemary’s immense involvement at FDU serves as a shining example to all.

She is the current President of the Alumni Association’s Board of Governors, and serves on the board of FDU’s International School of Hospitality, Sports, and Tourism Management as well as the School of Public and Global Affairs…all while holding the Manager position of Organizational Development at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Attesting to this incredible work ethic, one of her hobbies is working out at 5 am!

Rosemary keeps wonderful memories of her time on campus close to her heart and has been instrumental in bringing alumni of the FDU’s original Rutherford campus together to deepen their connection to the University. FDU is indebted to Rosemary and her family, and look forward to the impact of future generations on the University.

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Name: Rosemary Trinkle Baran

Nickname at FDU: Roe, Trink

FDU Graduation Year(s) & Major: BS in Business Management with a Concentration in Hotel and Restaurant Management, ‘83

Campus(es) where you studied: Rutherford

Family: Married to J. Michael Baran for 31 years with a daughter named Patricia.

Current occupation/volunteer efforts: Manager of Organizational Development, Talent Management at NY Presbyterian Hospital. Current President of the Alumni Association of FDU, Board Member International School of Hospitality and Tourism, Board member of School of Public and Global Affairs, Past President of the Board of Recreation, City of Clifton, NJ.

Hobbies & Interests: I love being involved in local politics. Riding my bike and going to the gym at 5 am, spending time at the beach and taking pictures of sunrises.

What is your favorite memory of FDU? Each spring the student-run Hotel Society ran a dinner.  It first started in 1980 as a way to pay for our first European trip and each year the students put on a dinner for fundraising   It grew so much that my last few years it was in the Gymnasium.  These were great memories.  

What was your favorite place on campus and why? I loved the Castle at the FDU Rutherford Campus

Who was the most influential person in your FDU Experience: Dr. Richard Wisch was my most influential person. I was one of Dr. Wisch’s first students. He was so dedicated to FDU and his students. 

What keeps you connected to FDU? I feel like I never left. My Dad, Aunt, Uncle and all of my sisters and I went to FDU, I have always remained involved in one way or another.

One piece of advice for current FDU students? Take each day as it comes…if things don’t work out there is another plan.  

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