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Micheline Nader, BSN, MPH, DESS is a best-selling author, healthcare entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and philanthropist dedicated to empowering people through conscious awareness and transformational leadership.

Nader is the Founder and former CEO of Blue Dolphin Healthcare Group and is currently the President of Jesra Foundation, her family nonprofit dedicated to creating breakthroughs in health and education.

Micheline has extensive expertise in hospital administration, long-term care, and healthcare management. After a successful career in hospital administration, Micheline was interested in supporting the needs of seniors. Realizing they deserved a place to call home where they would receive optimal care, be supported by dedicated staff, and have an enriching and purposeful life, she founded the Blue Dolphin Healthcare Group, which grew to become a large chain of nursing homes and eventually was successfully acquired.

Mrs. Nader’s professional life took another turn as she decided to contribute to empowering people through her writing in personal development and transformational leadership. She embarked on the journey of becoming a published author.

In her first best-selling book, The Dolphin’s Dance: Discover Your True Self through a Powerful 5-Step Journey into Conscious Awareness, Micheline recounts her journey from loss to success — which she credits to the process of conscious awareness. She provides guidance to help others achieve long-lasting emotional wellness beyond any trauma. Through her transformative process, she helps individuals uncover limiting patterns of behavior and embrace their true selves.

Building from the groundbreaking ideas in The Dolphin’s Dance, Micheline’s recent second best- selling book, LEAP Beyond Success, introduces a transformational system: LEAP—Lean, Execute, Align, and Program. Designed for leaders who want to accelerate their growth and impact, the book describes what lies beyond success, offering a wealth of knowledge for leaders ready to leverage their passions and master the arts of self-development and social impact.

In LEAP Beyond Success, this reflective, thought-provoking work gives the reader the tools to overcome the past, create a new future, and go beyond yourself to grow by leaps and bounds.

Micheline is a trustee of Fairleigh Dickinson University, chairs the Silberman College of Business Advisory Board and serves on other national boards.

Micheline holds a bachelor of science degree in nursing and a master of public health degree from the American University of Beirut, and a doctoral degree in healthcare management from Paris-Dauphine University.