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Elie Chucri will be earning his Doctorate of Pharmacy in just a few weeks from Fairleigh Dickinson University and is looking ahead to a future in the medical field.

Elie said of his time at FDU, “it’s a great school that has provided me with an opportunity to develop skills that will make me prepared for future career in healthcare.”

Elie, a native of Dumont, NJ, came to FDU after earning his undergraduate degree in biology/biological sciences at Rutgers-New Brunswick.

Here’s more about Elie and his FDU journey:

Name: Elie Chucri

Hometown: Dumont, NJ

Campus: Florham

Degrees: PharmD, expected May ’24; Biology, Rutgers-New Brunswick, ‘20

How did you choose your major? I wanted to be involved in healthcare, and I enjoyed learning about different medications and how they work.

What is your dream job or goal after you graduate? A job that has a good work-life balance and allows me to use the skills I have learned.

What are your other interests: Weightlifting, reading philosophy, religion, traveling.

How has receiving your scholarship impacted you? It has been really helping me financially as times have been getting rough for me and my family in terms of our income.

How have the donors of this scholarship helped you in your academic journey? Provided me with the push needed to focus more on my academic career, as some of the financial load has been lifted due to the scholarship.

If you could say something to the donors of your scholarship, what would it be? I would like to thank the donors for the generosity and willingness to assist graduate students who will be a large part of healthcare.

What does FDU mean to you? A great school that has provided me with an opportunity to develop skills that will make me prepared for my future career in healthcare.

Sarah Hartwig will earn her Nursing degree next month, completing her FDU undergraduate journey which would not have been possible without the scholarship support she received from Becton-Dickinson (BD).

Said Sarah, “being awarded the BD scholarship has enabled the understanding that I am not solely looked at as a letter grade, rather as a person too.”

The person she’s become is a highly engaged, passionate and professional-in-waiting who is looking forward to a career in the health field because of the highly impactful nature of the job so she can continue to give back to her community as much as FDU has done for her.

Here’s more about Sarah and her FDU journey:

Name: Sarah Hartwig

Hometown: Bergenfield, NJ

Campus: Metro

Degrees: BS, Nursing (expected May ’24)

              AS, Chemistry, Bergen Community College, ‘20

Activities you’ve been involved: Liaison between diverse community-like organizations and the FDU student body; Event Coordinator for the Student Nurses Association; Metropolitan Undergraduate Representative on the School of Nursing and Allied Health Advisory Council (SONAH)

Why did you choose your major? The altruistic nature of this profession is what interests me the most and how versatile nursing can be.

What is your dream job or goal after you graduate? Pursue a doctorate degree in either education or public health; to create a program revolved around educating individuals in underprivileged communities on either first aid or the difference between emergency vs. non-emergent illnesses to decrease the influx of patients in emergency rooms.

What are your other interests: Music is an interest of mine as I played flute for over 10 years and conducted in a marching band. Also, art such as painting.

How has receiving your scholarship impacted you? Receiving this scholarship has helped decrease the burden on my family and myself financially to meet my tuition and other prior financial responsibilities of the other members in my family.

How have the donors of this scholarship helped you in your academic journey? Initially I had to work as a pharmacy technician in difficult hours to be able to financially meet the expectations warranted by this institution all while being in school; now, because of this scholarship, I was able to engage in public health-like activities, become the liaison between these community-like organizations and even create my very first “Community Health and Resource Fair”. I have always worked or volunteered at a young age so that I may appreciate what I earn and who I can help. With this scholarship I was able to do what I love to do without the financial burden.

If you could say something to the donors of your scholarship what would it be? Thank you for recognizing my hard work and dedication into my profession as well as who I am as a person. A lot of scholarships solely focus on the educational aspect or grades of the individual, but not who they are. Therefore, I appreciate the donors of my scholarship for acknowledging who I am as a person and not as a mere grade.

What does FDU mean to you? Fairleigh Dickinson University, to me, is the epitome of the term “opportunities”. I was able to pursue and engage in activities that will further enhance the patient care I promote and to make myself a better individual. FDU has enabled a trait in which I was able to set precedent to many of my fellow peers.

Richa Patel will be receiving her Doctorate of Pharmacy in May and has been omnipresent in all facets of the Florham Campus within her major.

Richa has received scholarship support from Becton Dickinson (BD) in her academic pursuits and has taken full advantage of every opportunity offered, including an internship with BD last summer.

Not only will she receive her PharmD in May but Richa will also earn a Master’s in regulatory science and has served in a number of leadership positions on campus.

Here’s more about Richa and her FDU journey:

Name: Richa Patel

Hometown: South Brunswick, NJ

Campus: Florham

Degrees: Doctorate of Pharmacy (expected May ’24)

              Masters in Regulatory Science (expected May ’24)

              BS in Cell Biology and Neuroscience and Psychology (Rutgers New Brunswick)

Activities you’ve been involved: IPhO – Director of Professional Affairs & Director of National Engagement, Student Pharmacist Association Vice President; FDU Co-curricular Committee Delegate; FDU Student Pharmacists Association student mentor.

Why did you choose your major? The versatility of a doctorate of pharmacy degree alongside the ability to dispense and educate the population on their medications.

What is your dream job? Director of Regulatory Affairs

What are your other interests: Baking

How has receiving your scholarship impacted you? This scholarship has enabled me to concentrate on both my studies and extracurricular pursuits. As a result, I have been able to achieve outstanding academic performance, culminating in the prestigious accomplishment of securing a 2- year Fellowship in Regulatory Affairs at Sanofi following my graduation.

How have the donors of this scholarship helped you in your academic journey? They have provided great financial support.

If you could say something to the donors of your scholarship what would it be?
I extend my gratitude for the support throughout this journey, and I aspire to pay it forward for upcoming Pharmacy graduates.

What does FDU mean to you? A four-year journey that led me to my life goal while forging lifelong relations with friends and mentors.

Sophomore Suhaib Jawad’s burning desire for public service led him to pursue a degree in government and politics at FDU. As an American-Pakistani coming from a lower-middle-class family, his goal is to work in government, public policy or even Congress to help pass bills and legislation to support underserved communities. The scholarships Suhaib receives from FDU make it possible for him to pursue his college degree. “Getting the scholarships to go to FDU was so freeing — it freed up my responsibilities and helped me be able to put more time and energy towards my actual studies, which is the reason why us students come to college,” noted Suhaib.

Motivated by advice he received at orientation, “college is what you make of it,” Suhaib is turning the tables, going from an introvert to putting himself out there to get involved with student clubs and organizations, such as the Student Government Association. Suhaib credits that advice from orientation to helping shape who he is today.

When he thinks about his scholarship support, he remembers what his grandmother said, “small droplets make an ocean.” That is, no matter the amount of donations for scholarships, those small amounts add up, and it’s that much less money out-of-pocket for your college education. For Suhaib, it has been such a relief to receive extra financial support from donors.

Small droplets make an ocean.  

Learn more about the Students First campaign at SUPPORT.FDU.EDU/STUDENTSFIRST


After seeing how the physician assistants cared for her sick Nonno during the last months of his battle with stage IV colon cancer, sophomore biology student Valentina Loiero knew medicine was her path. Valentina’s mind is set on becoming a physician assistant to positively impact the world.

Thanks to the generous support of scholarship donors, Valentina is afforded the opportunity to prioritize her classes while actively participating in campus life. This enables her to forge valuable connections, network and take full advantage of the multitude of opportunities offered by FDU. Valentina is a member of the pre-health society, volunteers her time with the Devils Care Food Pantry and is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha. As part of ZTA, Valentina helps raise funds for important causes, such as breast cancer awareness.

My personal goal is to just help people as much as possible. I know every single interaction that I have with someone can change the course of their life. I would love to make a positive impact on the world and make people smile.  

Learn more about the Students First campaign at SUPPORT.FDU.EDU/STUDENTSFIRST