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Recent Grant Support

Recent Grant Support

Grants comprise a significant portion of education philanthropy in the United States. Partnerships with corporations and foundations have never been more critical to the mission of Fairleigh Dickinson University. Grant support helps to cultivate and sustain research and enables the University to leverage financial support for our targeted areas of research. Grants to FDU are investments in university infrastructure improvements, in classroom learning and in enhancements to curriculum, student support, and faculty support.

There are many ways for foundations and corporations to partner with and support Fairleigh Dickinson University. Examples of recent grant support include the following:

Precollegiate STEM Discovery Program

One of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s strategic goals is to increase and diversify the pipeline of talented graduates in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The Pre-Collegiate STEM Discovery program enrolls northern New Jersey middle and high school students from underserved districts in college-level science and math programs on the University’s Metropolitan campus throughout the academic year.

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Undergraduate Research Programs

The Undergraduate Research Program provides meaningful mentored research opportunities to undergraduate students who are majoring in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, computer science, or mathematics. The program incorporates methods that enhance student participation, including faculty mentorship and required student research presentations at regional and national conferences. Novo Nordisk has joined FDU in our mutual efforts to increase the number of students pursuing professional careers in the sciences through grant support.

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Rothman Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

FDU’s Silberman College of Business is home to the nationally-ranked Rothman Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship. The Rothman Institute supports, promotes and researches entrepreneurship with a special focus on family and veteran businesses. Since 1989, the Rothman Institute has equipped and inspired entrepreneurs and innovators who shape local economies.

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Providing access to higher education through scholarships is increasingly important. Foundation and corporate scholarship donors assist students in realizing their dreams and reaching their fullest potential, and they empower the University to recruit the best and brightest students. Scholarships enable students to pursue their goals and can help to distinguish resumes from other candidates during the employment interview process.

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Science Academy

FDU and BASF have partnered to offer the BASF Summer Science Academy on FDU’s Florham Campus. The Academy is an on-campus residence program that gives students from all over the U.S., Canada and Mexico valuable life experience in a college setting coupled with advanced level science and practical business knowledge. During the program, themed “Molecules to Marketplace,” students work in teams to research and develop their own personal care products using BASF materials and including consumer research, product design, and supply chain planning and marketing.

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