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Help to ensure that horizon-broadening, life-changing Wroxton College experience is available to students now and in the future by making a gift to the Wroxton College Now & Forever Fund.

Because of the pandemic, Wroxton College has been without Semester students for the first time since it opened its doors in 1965. But even without its students, the Abbey, parts of which date from the 13th century, requires maintenance. The Wroxton Now & Forever Fund will provide a foundation of continuing support for our beloved Wroxton College for years to come. The Fund's objectives are twofold:  

  • To provide financial assistance “Now” for the daily maintenance and improvements that are vital to sustaining the Abbey, grounds and facilities and support educational initiatives for students including co-curricular experiences and off campus trips.
  • To create an endowment “Forever” that, over time, will provide scholarships for students to attend Wroxton College.

Every dollar raised will be split:

  • 50 percent going to fund Wroxton College operations — “Now”
  • 50 percent going to fund Wroxton Scholarship Endowment — “Forever”

Support our beloved Wroxton College NOW by making a contribution to the Wroxton Now & Forever Fund, helping to ensure that the “Wroxton Experience” continues for generations to come. No matter the size of your gift, YOU can make a difference!

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Have questions about the Wroxton Now & Forever Fund?  Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations by email at fdualumni@fdu.edu.

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