Class Gift Campaign

About the Class Gift Campaign

Congratulations graduates! This year may look and feel a little different than others, but we are determined to make it the best yet. This is still an exciting time, as you get ready to graduate, and leave a lasting legacy behind at FDU. Each year, graduating students give to the Class Gift Campaign to make a difference in the lives of fellow students who will continue to study and pursue their degrees at FDU.

What do you want to support?

You can choose from three different areas to support on the Metropolitan or Florham campuses with your class gift. Class gift projects for each campus include:

    • Student Scholarship - a scholarship from the graduating class to a student from the Metropolitan and Florham campus
    • Student Emergency Fund - financial assistance for the unexpected things that come up, and you need just a little help to get by
    • Campus Food Pantry - provides access to non-perishables and essentials to students in need

Your Gift, Your Impact

Your gift of $20.21 or $20.20 will not only benefit your fellow students at FDU, but your gift will help to boost FDU's rankings. National organizations that review and rank colleges and universities factor in the number of alumni (that's you) who support their alma mater, so the more members of the Class of 2021 and 2020 who support the Class Gift Campaign, the higher FDU will go.

Philanthropy Cords and Alumni Gift

Philanthropy Cord and Alumni GiftDonate at least $20.21 (for the class of 2021) or $20.20 (for the class of 2020) to the Class Gift Campaign, and we'll send you a philanthropy cord to wear at Commencement, or to keep as a reminder of your commitment to giving back to your alma mater, along with a small gift of thanks from the FDU Alumni Association. Shipping is only available within the U.S. Make a gift now.

Important Deadline

If you are planning to walk at Commencement, the deadline to make your class gift to receive the philanthropy cord is Friday, April 30. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions to this deadline, as the philanthropy cord will be sent via USPS. There will be no on-site pick-up at MetLife Stadium on the day of Commencement. Shipping of philanthropy cord and gift is only available to addresses in the U.S.


E-mail Kenneth Lam, Executive Director in the Office of Alumni Relations and Development