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Wroxton College Alumni
The Wroxton Experience


Wroxton College Alumni
The Wroxton Experience


Wroxton College Alumni
The Wroxton Experience

Wroxton College Alumni & Friends
Welcome Home

Since its founding in 1965, Wroxton College has provided students, alumni and friends with the experience of living and learning in the 17th-century Jacobean mansion known as Wroxton Abbey. Students at the Abbey are, literally, immersed in its long rich history, which makes it an ideal for those studying history, politics, and literature, as well as for those wishing to visit and experience the culture and history of England and the explore historic and picturesque landscape of the College.

It is, without question, studying at Wroxton College is an enormously valuable learning experience. But it is, also, so much more. Student after student, whether visitng for a week or studying for a term, describes the Wroxton experience as life changing. A new partnership between FDU and the Royal Shakespeare Company will provide today's students studying at Wroxton another unique opportunity to study abroad.

Stay connected with Wroxton College, your classmates and your favorite Wroxton staff. Join us at an upcoming Wroxton event; volunteer with the Wroxton Advisory Committee or Class Ambassador Program; give back by making a gift to the Wroxton Now and Forever Fund or to student scholarships; or join us on our annual Wroxton Summer Getaway trip to the Abbey. There are many opportunities for you to continue your Wroxton Experience long after your first visit.

Support Wroxton
Now & Forever

Help to ensure that horizon-broadening, life-changing Wroxton College experience is available to students now and in the future by making a gift to the Wroxton College Now & Forever Fund.

The campaign provides financial assistance “Now” for the daily maintenance and improvements that are vital to sustaining the Abbey and its grounds, and to support educational and co-curricular initiatives for students. Your gift also helps to create a "Forever" endowment that over time, will provide scholarships for students to attend Wroxton College.

Support our beloved Wroxton College NOW by making a contribution to the Wroxton Now & Forever Fund.

Stay Connected


The Wroxton Advisory Committee and fellow Wroxton alumni come together to plan and reconnect at various alumni events throughout the year. The Wroxton reunion is normally held in the fall and, in the spring, Wroxton alumni meet for an evening of camaraderie, networking and reconnecting over food, drinks, and great conversations.

Wroxton Class Ambassadors

Volunteer and be a class ambassador for your Wroxton class. Help to strengthen the connection within your Wroxton class, and with the rest of the Wroxton family--share upcoming events and activities, encourage event attendance, keep classmates up to date on the latest Wroxton happenings and support the Wroxton Advisory Committee in reaching its annual engagement and fundraising goals.

Update Your Contact Information

Have you moved recently, or has it been awhile since you've heard from us? We might not have your most current contact information. Stay connected with us and your fellow Wroxton alumni. Be sure to update your contact information to receive the latest news, updates and event information for Wroxton College alumni.

Wroxton Videos

Wroxton Advisory Committee

The Committee is comprised of alumni volunteers who participated in the Wroxton College study abroad program while pursuing their degree at FDU, and friends of the University who attended Wroxton College, but pursued their degree at another higher education institution. No matter what school they attended, the one common bond amongst Wroxton alumni is The Wroxton Experience.

Members of the Wroxton Advisory Committee are committed to preserving the opportunities for future generations of students to travel abroad and study at Wroxton College, while maintaining the connections and relationships formed from past generations of Wroxton College students.

Committee Members

  • Lakshman Achuthan, BS’89 - Spring & Fall 1987
  • Alan Bennett* - Wroxton Spring 1968
  • Madelyn Boughton, BA'05 - Fall 2003
  • Andy Cameron* - Spring 1986
  • Kathryn Campbell* - Spring 1982
  • Yvette Carscadden, BA’03 - Fall 1998
  • Marc Chalom, BA’73 - Spring 1972
  • John Crawford, MA’01, MA’00, MBA’88 - Spring 1990
  • Regis Dale, BA’81 - Spring 1979
  • David Danan* - Spring 1993
  • Amanda Demarzo, PharmD’20, BS’17 - Spring 2016
  • Megan Fletcher* - Fall 1989
  • Alfred Hencken, MBA’94, BS’86 - Fall 1985
  • Elizabeth Ivers* - Spring 1969
  • Jacqueline Kressaty, BS’12 - Spring 2011
  • Peter Kressaty, BS’90 - Fall 1988
  • Dawn Lerman* - Fall 1990
  • Andrew Levine, BS’73 - Fall 1971
  • Kenneth Malagiere, BA’05 - Fall 2003
  • Marta Tellado, BA’81 - Fall 1979

* Wroxton alumni who earned their degrees at other institutions, but attended FDU via Wroxton College

Connect With Wroxton

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Fairleigh Dickinson University
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