Wroxton College Alumni

Wroxton Advisory Committee

The Wroxton Advisory Committee is comprised of alumni volunteers who participated in the Wroxton College study abroad program while pursuing their degree at FDU, and friends of the University who attended Wroxton College, but pursued their degree at another higher education institution. No matter what school they attended, the one common bond amongst Wroxton alumni is The Wroxton Experience.

Members of the Wroxton Advisory Committee are committed to preserving the opportunities for future generations of students to travel abroad and study at Wroxton College, while maintaining the connections and relationships formed from past generations of Wroxton College students.

Wroxton Advisory Committee Members

Lakshman Achuthan, BS’89 - Spring & Fall 1987
Alan Bennett* - Wroxton Spring 1968
Madelyn Boughton - BA'05 - Fall 2003
Andy Cameron* - Spring 1986
Kathryn Campbell* - Spring 1982
Yvette Carscadden, BA’03 - Fall 1998
Marc Chalom, BA’73 - Spring 1972
John Crawford, MA’01, MA’00, MBA’88 - Spring 1990
Regis Dale, BA’81 - Spring 1979
David Danan* - Spring 1993
Amanda Demarzo, PharmD’20, BS’17 - Spring 2016
Megan Fletcher* - Fall 1989
Alfred Hencken, MBA’94, BS’86 - Fall 1985
Elizabeth Ivers* - Spring 1969
Jacqueline Kressaty, BS’12 - Spring 2011
Peter Kressaty, BS’90 - Fall 1988
Dawn Lerman* - Fall 1990
Andrew Levine, BS’73 - Fall 1971
Kenneth Malagiere, BA’05 - Fall 2003
Marta Tellado, BA’81 - Fall 1979

* Wroxton alumni who earned their degrees at other institutions, but attended FDU via Wroxton College

Please e-mail the Office of Alumni Relations and Development to learn more about volunteer opportunities through the Wroxton Advisory Committee.