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The Critical Need for Scholarships 

We live in extraordinary times. The challenges facing our nation have forced colleges and universities to rethink, adjust and adapt. At FDU we recognize that the most important thing we do is open the doors to a university education for all those seeking to expand their horizons and better their lives.

On October 20, 2020 President Christopher A. Capuano announced a reduction in the University’s tuition of nearly 25% to $32,000 a year. This unprecedented action will enable thousands students – students who previously might not have considered FDU because of price – to attend the University.

Lower tuition is the first step toward providing greater student access. The second step is to award scholarships that recognize and reward students’ hard work. To that end, the University is launching a $15 million scholarship drive.

Cassandra Laman '21
Aiming for Professional Success

Tomasz Kastelan '21
Seizing Opportunity

Maame Mensah '21
Forging new paths

Alyssa Vargas '22
First generation college student

Erin Jackson '22
Finding a home

Mia Michaelides '21
Combining passions

All but a few hundred of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s nearly 13,000 students receive some form of financial assistance. Without scholarship support, thousands of students would never be able to attend and graduate. You can meet a few of our scholarship recipients here. You can listen to their testimonials of gratitude here.

Now, more than ever before, our students need your help. Thanks to our generous alumni and friends, our current campaign, One University Many Dreams, has raised more than $71 million. We are shifting the focus of the campaign to scholarships in order to help remove financial barriers and incentivize students to earn their FDU degrees.

The question is simple but so very important:  If not now, when?

We know that our alumni and friends have big hearts. We have seen it in the success of One University Many Dreams.This year, however, with students facing unprecedented financial burdens, we must be laser-focused on securing the critical scholarship support to ensure that all our students’ dreams come true.