Wroxton Advisory Committee

If, as a Fairleigh Dickinson student, you were able to spend a semester at the University's campus in Wroxton, England, then you know how unique and extraordinary the "Wroxton Experience," as it is known to those who have shared it, can be.

As a student there, you were immersed in the quintessential English village scene. Set in the rural heart of England, Wroxton offers a peaceful environment for learning amid a beautiful countryside of lawns, lakes, gardens and woodland. The College continues to meet its founding vision as an intellectual community, cloistered in a remarkably beautiful, modernized 17th-century manor house.

For many FDU students, Wroxton was their first taste of international travel. Trips to Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford, London and Birmingham with their outstanding selection of theaters, concert halls, museums, galleries, restaurants and major shopping areas have been opening FDU students up to the larger world since 1965, when FDU became the first American university to own a campus in England. 

The Wroxton Advisory Committee group is one of the University's most active, sponsoring reunions and get togethers throughout the year.