7:30 PM

seth greenberg

Homecoming Welcome and Kickoff

President Christopher Capuano officially kicks off Homecoming 2020! Dr. Capuano will give an informal update on the state of the University and will share his thoughts on the ways, both big and small, that FDU's students and faculty are adapting to the this new landscape. A lot has, temporarily, changed. But a lot of what makes FDU great remains and Dr. Capuano will share some of the wonderful stories that are emerging from campuses as we all figure out how to continue to learn and thrive.

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8:30 PM

Jenn Noon

Trivia Night
Hosted by the FDU Alumni Association Clubs and Chapters — Young Alumni Association; Black Alumni Chapter; Vancouver Alumni Association; Veterans Alumni Association; FDUARTS Alumni; Hospitality & Tourism Alumni Chapter; G.O.L.D. Alumni Chapter

Join the FDU Alumni Clubs and Chapters for a fun night of virtual trivia. Test your knowledge of pop culture, FDU trivia, music, movies and more! Win prizes, connect with fellow FDU alumni, and have an evening of fun to kick off our Homecoming celebration.

*Trivia technology and questions provided by Devine Photo Booths and the Young Alumni Association.

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