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A Message from President Christopher A. Capuano

Dear University Community,

We find ourselves in uncertain times. A global pandemic has upended so much of what we take for granted in all facets of our lives. At FDU, we have had to re-examine and rethink virtually every aspect of the way in which we deliver education to our students.

We have risen to this challenge and I must tell you how proud I am of everyone – students, faculty, and staff – for adapting so quickly and incredibly well. The entire community has come together to help protect one another and help each other succeed like never before. FDU has done a remarkable job continuing its educational mission while instituting the preventative measures that are keeping our community safe. 

But we cannot ignore the incredible hardships that this pandemic has created for our community. With that in mind, we are taking sweeping and far-reaching steps to ensure that our students continue to have access to an FDU education. We froze tuition this year and will freeze tuition again next year, marking three consecutive years of the same tuition rate. We offered significant discounts for summer session and winter session courses. We also have lowered tuition by approximately 25 percent for incoming students next fall, which we believe will attract even more students to our campuses. [Read my op-ed about adjusting tuition rates that appeared in The Star-Ledger and nj.com here.]

Additionally, we have shifted the focus of the One University Many Dreams capital campaign to provide direct assistance to students facing financial hardship. Going forward, we will concentrate our fundraising efforts on providing scholarship support for our students. We have set an ambitious target of raising $20 million in expendable scholarships over the next two years. These new scholarships can immediately assist current and incoming students.

So many of our students come from families hit hard by the devasting economic effects of COVID-19. We are committed to helping those students to complete their studies, and I am asking you for your assistance. This is a time for the FDU community to unite behind an important issue. Together we can help more students seize the benefits of an FDU education and transform their lives. Please join me in supporting our most deserving and needy students.

Yours in FDU,

Christopher A. Capuano, Ph.D.